Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hearts and more Hearts

Every Valentine's Day we make some kind of handmade valentines for my 9 year old daughters school class valentine's exchange. Of all the kids in her class she and maybe one other are the only ones who bring something original and unique, quite a stand out among the Hannah Montana and Spiderman store bought valentines. You gotta know that this year we can certainly expect some Bieber valentines.
The valentines have usually has been a lot of work for me, but  it's well worth it.  So this year, in honor of my new found love of crochet, it's crocheted hearts for everyone. This is my work from yesterday - we plan to attach them to lolipops and add green paper leaves. Should be way cute.

Set up like this they remind me of cherry blossoms. I really have way too many creative ideas to be able to keep up to myself. Find that part kind of frustrating really, but maybe I'll make a little cherry blossom or two or three.

By the way, the free pattern for these hearts came from  Planet June.

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