Thursday, November 24, 2011

Pink and Blue Crocheted Afghan

I crocheted this afghan over the last year during my visits to my Mom. She wanted to make just one more afghan for my daughter, and so we went out and picked out the yarn. Mom ended up being the inspiration and moral support, and I got to crochet something while we visited. The bright blue is one of my daughter's favorite colors and I somehow felt it needed an even brighter pop of colour so I picked pink. I wasn't too sure about the color choices, but my daughter loves it, so all is good. It's big enough to use for a spread on her bed and really thick and warm since this pattern kinda doubles over on itself.

So, now I've kept the dogs off of it long enough to get pictures...
and it will begin its real life on a bed covered in dogs and eventually dog hair.
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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Putting away Halloween till next year.

I think I've finally put away the final things from Halloween. Every day I think I've got it all, then just one more thing comes to the surface. Now I realize I have this huge orange inflatable love seat in the middle of my living room, but it sure is fun to turn upside down and jump on. Here it is up in the apple tree. Maybe one more day will have to go by with Halloween on the brain. 

Here's some more random pictures of our yard. I really am getting a bit carried away, but it sure is fun. We do it for the little kids, so it's not all that scary here, more just neat to look at.

I weave this spider web in this spot  each year. There's something relaxing about weaving a web.

Mr. Wrinkles isn't all that spooky in the daylight, but at night we had him digging up the bones of the dead. With christmas lights coming up out of the ground. 

Our spiral boulevard cypress became a march of white animal ghosts up to the great beyond. Definitely have to expand on this idea next year.

Eboneezer and Ophelia hung out at the top of our driveway this year. Here's the very little headed man, the hippy and Medusa. Check out those hippy pants! I had great fun making them.
There's a column in the middle of our living space - we wrap it in different things depending on the season. Sometimes wrapping paper, but this year it was black cloth for Halloween. Then we drew on it with chalk as if it was a blackboard .

That apple was a great amusement to one 10 year old. "Boy this apple has a bite to it!"

This is an old outdoor light sphere, drawn on with sharpie and lit up from the inside. Quite effective, although this photo doesn't do it justice.
My friend made this brilliant spider from packing tape.  He made a balloon form and newspaper form for the legs. Wrapped them in clear plastic wrap, then clear packing tape. Cut apart the final form and remove the paper then tape it back together.  This is by far my favorite Halloween decoration.

He also made this great little guy from a butternut squash. Even better we got to eat him the next day - yum.

Hope you had a fun one. Happy Halloween till next year!


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