The Owls

Each of these owls is unique. They have been crocheted freehand and given beautiful vintage button or bead eyes.  The owl measure about 3 inches wide and 3 inches high  and are very light.

These owls are meant for decorative purposes only and are not recommended for pets or children as the buttons may be chewed off and cause a choking hazard. Most buttons are securely fastened with the same yarn they are crocheted with and the button shank is pulled to the inside of the owl and won't come off unless put under severe stress. Some buttons or beads are sewn on with multiple strands of thread.

The owls are malleable and adjustable. With a bit of preening and primping of the ears and beak and moving the eyes, you can make it look just the way you prefer.

The owls can be paired up or grouped into families depending on who you are purchasing for.  Each owl has it's own individual page so you may wish to examine the owl you prefer in detail.

Custom owls may be requested, however, the way the owls turn out depend on what yarn and buttons are available at the time.


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