Sunday, January 30, 2011

* Snowy Owl with Brass Vintage Style Button Eyes. Handmade. Crocheted.

amigurumi snowy owl
Snowy Owl Amigurumi

This owl was crocheted freehand and given beautiful upcycled brass button eyes.

The body is a soft glossy white with a black fleck, lovely to touch. The beak is a pure white in a smaller more refined crochet stitch. The yarn is made of unknown man made fibers, most likely polyester or acrylic, and the owl is stuffed with polyester fiber fill.

The beautifully detailed brass button eyes have a floral motif and have been enhanced with black paint and protected with polyurethane for shine, durability and to protect the buttons from tarnishing.

The owl measures about 3 inches by 3 inches and is very light to hold.  It is quite malleable and adjustable,  and as the pictures show, you can even make it take on different shapes. With a bit of preening and primping of the ears and beak and moving the eyes, you can make it look just the way you prefer.

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