Wednesday, April 17, 2013

More April Flowers

Yes even the big leaf maple has flowers on it.

A rescued apple tree is budding.

Rescued tulip and hyacinth. 

Polygonia (anglewing) butterfly   Did you notice the other insect under it's wing?

the humble violet 

the butterfly rests on the candytuft. 

the underside of this butterfly looks like a dead leaf, so when it folds it's wings it's almost invisible.

The nashi has bloomed and there's bright color from rescued heathers and shrubs.

even the dead tree is beautiful. lichen and insect homes. 

the forget me nots 

a tangle of plants

did i mention there were a lot of forget me nots? 

violets and forget me nots. self seeders and almost invasive, but so pretty.

Strawberries are blooming, with a few forget-me-nots to keep them company.

lunaria annua, honesty or money plant. it gets silver disks for seeds pods later in life.

huckleberry blossoms

white maple leaves sprouting, as delicate and colorful as flowers.

Clematis that was rescued from M&L Brown's garden. Notice one flower has 6 petals, instead of the usual 4.

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