Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Garden Color

It's April, only a few days have passed since my last entry, but there is more color and more blooming.
Bergenia cordifolia. I've heard that one can expect hummingbirds once these bloom.

The backside of the blossom is just as beautiful.

The flowers and seed pods of the Pieris Japonica.

The new leaves on this variety called Pieris Forest Flame are so brightly colored one could mistake them for flowers.

Even close up they seem to want to be flowers. 

The nashi tree is almost blooming. Time to start watching for catepillars. 

Candytuft in white.

Forget me not in blue.

Hyacinth in Pink. 

Wallflowers in orange and yellow. 

Wallflowers in deep orange and almost eggplant. 

Even the boxwood shrub is blooming. I intend to make this one a topiary, but it hasn't spoken to me yet to tell me what it wants to be, so it remains untrimmed and blooms.

Meanwhile the Chinese Lantern slowly decomposes revealing its inner child.

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