Monday, March 26, 2012

How to make the Seed Owl

The Seed Owl is made of a toilet paper tube and brown paper. Newspaper seed mush went on the inside and rice glue was used to stick it all together.

Cut a toilet paper tube like so. Save the left over portion for wings.

Pack the seed / newspaper mache into the base of the tube, using your hand to keep it from going out the bottom.

Use the rice glue and paintbrush to cover the outside (including sealing the bottom off) with used fast food bags of brown paper or other recycled paper.
Fold the front part down and into the center. Fold the pointed part over that.

Crease the pointed side parts (horns of horned owl) so that they stand up straight.

Use a rubber band to hold the flap down as it dries.

Cut the leftover toilet paper tube into this double wing shape and cover it with rice glue and brown paper.
Use the rubber band to secure the wings on until the owl dries. I ended up placing the owl in a small bowl to dry so the wings stayed curved forward.
Here's the finished owl. Pretty cute for something that will be thrown into a field to become wildflowers. 

The pennies as eyes were a last minute idea, but something that decomposed would be better. My original thought was to use seeds or construction paper eyes.

We also went on to make a large variety of seed carrying objects and experiments.

This little bird was made of a toilet paper roll and covered with paper. Then sprinkled with aster seeds. The nest is old brown napkins rolled up into ropes and glued on (all rice glue).

If you want to try this bird, here's a general idea of what I did.

Now all we have to do is wait for it to sprout!

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