Thursday, November 24, 2011

Pink and Blue Crocheted Afghan

I crocheted this afghan over the last year during my visits to my Mom. She wanted to make just one more afghan for my daughter, and so we went out and picked out the yarn. Mom ended up being the inspiration and moral support, and I got to crochet something while we visited. The bright blue is one of my daughter's favorite colors and I somehow felt it needed an even brighter pop of colour so I picked pink. I wasn't too sure about the color choices, but my daughter loves it, so all is good. It's big enough to use for a spread on her bed and really thick and warm since this pattern kinda doubles over on itself.

So, now I've kept the dogs off of it long enough to get pictures...
and it will begin its real life on a bed covered in dogs and eventually dog hair.
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  1. I love this pattern!! Very pretty, now I want to make one!

  2. Nice pattern design. I think I'm starting to like crocheting with your work.

  3. What pattern is this? It is beautiful!!

    1. I've looked for the pattern written down somewhere else and haven't found anything like it yet. My mom did this one over and over again, so I just copied the afghans she had already done.
      Basically it's one row in double crochet. Then the next row alternates single crochet with triple crochet and is attached up to the previous row. I imagine you could make other interesting patterns depending on which stitch you brought up.
      Glad you like it!



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